Sunday, 13 December 2009


  • has rhythm and a more stylized form
  • convey ideas and emotional experiences through the use of meter, rhyme, imagery in a carefully constructed metrical structure based on rhythmic patterns.
  • more allegorical and uses extensive set of metaphors, alliterations and is written in a melodic form
  • exaggerated piece of writing
  • reflective of our inherent aesthetic sense
  • Poetic diction is likewise different tends to sum up enormous concepts in as few words as possible. Poetry in that sense is actually more subjective but uses symbolism that in essence may be universal but uniquely understood by individuals in the light of their own experiences.


  • Formed in sentences
  • More straightforward generally telling a story
  • Shoot in a straight line
  • More prosaic than poetic
  • Not confined to poetic measures
  • Grouped into paragraphs
  • Lacks rhythm and rhymes

Looking at what differentiates one from the other, I guess I can safely say that I prefer prose to poetry.


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