Friday, 18 December 2009

I wish I was Superman -
there's a wall in need of X-Ray.
The wall of words I've been stubbornly staring
Feeling's not lovely.

Wrapped in dreams,
twisting out stories
like thread between fingers.

Her word's been looping like
Derulo's Watcha Say
Like coals burning

keeping engines running but
why isn't the train moving?

He looked out the window
Saw himself,
both hands pushing against the train.
It hurts.
And the feeling's not lovely.
He's no Superman.
Can't see through walls.
No superhuman strength.
But he is a mule.
Never will the train move.
Not when train tracks are still being laid.

I'm glad the graffiti is on a wall -
not on paper.
Had they been on paper,
I wish I was Jordan.


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