Monday, 14 December 2009
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We have walked in Love's land a little way,
We have learnt his lesson a little while,
And shall we not part at the end of day,
With a sigh, a smile?

A little while in the shine of the sun,
We were twined together, joined lips forgot
How the shadows fall when day is done,
And when Love is not.

We have made no vows - there will none be broke,
Our love was free as the wind on the hill,
There was no word said we need wish unspoke,
We have wrought no ill.

So shall we not part at the end of day,
Who have loved and lingered a little while,
Join lips for the last time, go our way,
With a sigh, a smile.

... Ernest Christopher Dowson

Note: I find this a nice and lovely piece. Interesting comments that mentioned something about it being "underground literature" as writers of that era were Church conscious as well as conscious about their writing. Something about Victorian writers and stuffs like that.

Eras. Victorian. Underground. Interesting. More room for exploration I guess.


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